Day: September 5, 2010

Changes a’ coming

1 year ago today we made our first post on Since then, Tiffani and I have managed to change nearly every aspect of our life, and we aren’t letting up any time soon. Let’s take a look at a few things that have changed for us: We quit our jobs in Chicago. We visited and considered moving to Seattle, WA. I was hired as Sr. Producer at Id Software, the company that made DOOM, Quake, Castle Wolfenstein, and more. We moved from Chicago, IL to Dallas, TX after taking said job. We rented an apt with a close friend,...

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Wheel Chocks – BAL 28005 deluxe

When most people envision their perfect camping experience, it usually does NOT involve chasing behind a runaway travel trailer as it rolls slowly downhill from where it was just unhitched. That’s why you need a good set of Wheel Chocks. According to the good folks at, few chock systems are as secure and heavy duty yet easy to manipulate and carry around as the BAL 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock . We chose the BAL 28005 Deluxe.First and foremost, it stops the Weasel from taking an unexpected stroll while we’re camped. Secondly, It comes with a nice little wrench to make taking them on and off a breeze. Finally, if you get a lock (sold seperately), you can add another layer of theft protection for both your trailer AND your nice new chocks. Speaking of rolling away with your nice new chocks, don’t forget to lift them before you take off! Leaving them installed as you break camp is a wonderful way to ruin your day, so remember to add this to your checklist. Overall, these are a must have as far as we’re concerned. There are probably lighter, easier to use models out there, but these are light enough for us. They are a cinch to install and take off, and the lock gives us another level of comfort when we leave camp....

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