A few months ago we made a plan that would allow us to start living in The Weasel full-time. We thought about doing this in Chicago, but as we experienced more and more winters in the Windy City, it seemed unlikely this would work. However, there are a lot of RV parks in Dallas and despite the last three weeks of 100+ weather that we just experienced, Im more accepting of being hot then being cold at this point. We began to search for parks around Deke’s office so he could have a somewhat easy ride to work, and found a few that fit the bill.

We knew that 22 feet of living space for us and Lucy wouldn’t work, so we the first thing we needed to do was sell the Airstream so we could upgrade. We needed to make sure we had all our paperwork, all our receipts, make sure that the trailer was inspected and clean before putting it on the market. There were also a few moments of wondering what we needed to include with it (my new slipcovers?!). We posted it on airstreamclassifieds.com and got a lot of interested folks within a day or two but no real takers off the bat. While looking at newer Airstreams at our local Explore USA in Mesquite, we decided to put it on consignment with them (mainly because they said they’d sell it in a week, which they did not). This experience wasn’t the best I’ve had, but my bar is set pretty high as far as customer service is concerned and I just didn’t feel like this was the right spot. We asked them specifically if they posted on bay motors or airstreamclassifieds and they said no, however a few days later someone called to tell us our Airstream was on ebay. We called to ask them about it and no one knew who put it up on bay or how to remove it. I didn’t have a lot of confidence that they knew what they were doing and I just wanted to get it back so we could handle the sale.

Eventually we had two really nice people calling every day or so asking great questions and obviously doing a lot of research on their own. With very little aggravation and a lot of good conversations, Stephani decided our little 22 ft International was the one for her. I was so glad that she made this decision… I instantly felt comfortable with her and tried to anticipate any needs she might have on the road while she did an amazing job researching the systems and the processes herself. Stephani flew in from Berkeley on a Monday and Deke and I put the trailer in an RV park for her to spend a few days getting the hang of things.

I couldn’t BELIEVE how quickly she caught on to hitching and especially backing up. She said it was because she learned to drive in LA, but I think Im just generally scared of driving and have never been able to back the thing up. By the next day she was completely up to speed and ready to ride it back to California.

Like it was for us, I know it was a big purchase for Stephani, and I can only hope that it provides her with as much fun and it did for us. I cant wait to see photos from the many trips she’ll take with her rescue Mastiff/Bijon Frise, Rosie.

Now comes the next step…. getting ourselves into a bigger trailer and getting it ready for full-time living!