Over our long 4th of July weekend, we took advantage of the extra day off to do a little maintenance and sprucing up of The Weasel. Some items were general like cleaning the fans

and some were improvements to provide more space which makes me happy.

The Kitchen

We haven’t even scratched the surface of using all the space we have in the kitchen. With two large upper cabinets on both sides of the kitchen, we probably use 1/3 of what we have. The trouble is keeping what we have organized and in place. Believe it or not, I’m so short I can’t actually see into the cabinets, so looking for a mug or a bowl when they’ve slid to the back is hard for me. Then I got an idea… from my closet. In my closet I have all my shoes in clear plastic bins so I can always see what’s there and they don’t all come sliding down on me when I pull one down from the shelf. It seemed like the same system might work for the kitchen cabinets, and I’m happy to say it does. You can’t put the lid on obviously, but those little shoe bins from The Container Store fit great and keep all the stuff in place.

I’m a sucker for storage gadgets and the under sink cabinets were my next project to tackle. They’re big but with no built in shelves, so a lot of space was wasted and smaller items like sponges got lost in the back. I found these pull out shelves at Bed, Bath and Beyond and so far, they work great.

This one for under the sink has two shelves that pull out and little feet on the bottom to screw into place so it doesn’t shift. Plus it fits the odd size we needed and still gives us enough room for the water filtration system that Deke’s working on (more on that later).

The refrigerator will be an issue for us at some point. It’s a mini frig, and a small mini frig at that, but, we’re making the most of it. Fitting things in the doors is tough — they’re really narrow and I’ve found a bottle of wine definitely doesn’t fit (OH NO!) Then I got an email from Jeremy in Chicago raving about a brand of box wine he found and I had an a-ha moment. Surely box wine would be easier to travel with — and it is, AND it fits in the door of the refrigerator. Bandit from Whole Foods, thank you for making this for me.

Oh, and the freezer? Ugh. Thankfully we found these great little silicon ice cube trays (we can fit several in the frig) that freeze up in no time. Bonus: They’re shaped like the aliens from Space Invaders.