See how we changed the look of the Weasel by updating the Dinette seat cushions and adding a buffer cushion to the edge of the bed.

The Dinette

Who puts light blue and white in an RV? Apparently Airstream. I love, LOVE the interior of ours, but the white faux leather and the powder blue ultra suede have their challenges when camping. Especially when Lucy wants to sleep on the dinette all the time. So after 3 weeks of labor intensive sewing, I completed these:

They’re not perfect, but they look great and I’m so proud of myself for pulling it off!  It took about 3.5 yards of fabric (JoAnn’s Better Homes and Gardens fabric from the Indoor/Outdoor section). I opted for velcro instead of a zipper (I didn’t have a lot of luck finding a 51″ dark blue zipper) which worked fine. I had to pattern it together a little differently than the original slip covers but essentially did everything like a box pattern. I had so much fun doing these that Im looking for upholstery classes to take so my technique gets better!

The Bedroom

If you have a 22 foot with the back bedroom area, you know its got its challenges, especially when it comes to sheets that fit and don’t slide around all the time when you’re sleeping. Oh, and if you happen to draw the short straw and have to sleep next to the window, there’s also the chance that you’ll be in contact with cold metal sometime during the night. Well, Ive been working hard on fixing both of these things and have come up with solutions that work well for us.

There’s a small area of interior wall that runs under the window down to the bed frame which needed to be covered. Deke and I went through many ideas from using yoga mats to even trying out cradle bumpers. What we came up with, and what worked great all weekend was fabric covered foam. We measured the space and bought a piece of 24″ x 44″ one inch thick foam and cut it into 3 8″ x 44″ pieces. Then we looked for an indoor/outdoor fabric that would resist soaking up the condensation on the walls which sometimes happens when we cook inside. We went with black fabric because no one is really going to see it and Deke thought it would be good to have something totally neutral so it wouldn’t clash with whatever sheet or curtain fabric was being used. I cut the fabric to fit the foam, wrapped it like a present and sewed velcro on the interior in two rows to prevent sliding. It fits perfectly!