What do you do in Chicago when you can’t spend time in your Airstream? You MAKE things for your Airstream!

Chicago can be the pits in the winter. I usually try to stock up on books to read, and the newest volume of the NYTimes crossword puzzle book gets me through all of Christmas vacation. But this year I decided to turn the craft meter up to 11 and take sewing classes so that, eventually, I can redo the banquette cushions in The Weas.

I love the décor of our second home, but I’m not sure powder blue cushions work for us or our dog*. I’m the last person that would want to mess with the integrity of the CCD interior, but I need to be practical for when that fulltime thing happens and be able to have cushions that will work a little better, and still match.

I asked for sewing lessons for my birthday and Deke found The Needle Shop in Chicago. It was a little more expensive than some of the other places but the 1:4 ratio of teacher to student, plus the great fabrics that they have, fit want I needed. For $70 I took a 4 hour class which covered everything from threading the machine to taking home a pillow with a zipper! I loved it and was hooked the minute I got there. My mom sewed a lot and taught me the basics, but Im looking forward to learning about patterns and the fancier stuff that I can use later on.

When we bought our Airstream, everything was in great condition, but as we realize we’re in for the long haul, we would like to make a few changes, like the banquette cushions and probably the curtains in the bedroom area — mainly just to make it our own. Ive spent a lot of time looking at interior modifications that others have made and there dont seem to be a lot of people who change their interiors. I also did some pricing around Chicago in case I wanted to hire someone to redo the cushions, but the drawbacks are 1) its expensive, and 2) you usually have to use their fabrics, not your own.

Since I started my sewing classes, Ive had one commission for a pillow and while that isnt much, Im going to start a website where I’ll take orders because there are some great fabrics out there that just scream “Airstream!!”. Stay tuned.

*Our lovely little miniature schnauzer, Sally, passed away over the weekend. She loved the little weekend trips in the Airstream and loved her extremely warm bed parked right in front of the heater. For now, we’ll remain a one dog family with Lucy in the co-pilot seat.