As much as we liked the look of the old, generic Times New Roman version of our logo, we’ve decided to refresh our look a little with a new one. What do you think?


Getting to this version was an interesting journey. We really wanted a cool logo – something that spoke to our interesting name and our playful nature, but we also wanted something readable from a distance. It should also look good on a T-Shirt (PS – Let us know if you want to order one)

I recently saw a logo that caught my eye from a bug tracking software called Mantis.

I felt this was a good direction, and fortunately, Tiffani agreed. Now we knew roughly what we wanted, we just didn’t quiet know how to go about getting it. We needed an artist. Yes, we work in an industry full of artists, but we really didn’t feel great about asking for free help. Since we’re just starting out, we also didn’t feel ready to throw down big bucks on graphic design. So what could we do?

We outsourced.

Most of you have probably heard of outsourcing. If you’ve ever called a customer service line, you’ve probably experienced it first hand. But did you know affordable outsourcing is available to anyone, not just major companies? Neither did we.

Our search for an artist started at a site called They have a great system where people find artists, designers, and more by creating contests. You create a contest based on work you need done, and offer a dollar amount as a prize. Contestents sign up, offer design examples, and if you choose their design, they win the money. We found the quality very high, but the price was high as well. We’ll be going back to this site regularly for future design needs.

This lead to our next find, which turned out to be a jewel – links people who have jobs to freelancers who want jobs. You post a job of ANY size, and within minutes, you get workers of all different nationalities and skill levels applying. Even more impressive, you see their hourly rate, reviews of other work completed, and a resume and portfolio of past work. We knew we had a winner when we saw the quality of work and the prices offered.

We found a great artist who helped us get to the logo you see above. In the end, we ended up tweaking the logo into exactly what we wanted ourselves, but Odesk and the artist we met there saved us days of time. Also, we learned a lot about giving art direction, the need for specific instruction, and more importantly, we set up a new relationship with a graphic designer who provides fast, quality work for a great price. Look for our site to take a more of a graphic style moving forward, especially now that we “know a guy” 🙂 Special thanks to Keech from Odesk!

Here are a few logos that didn’t make the cut. Did we choose the right one? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below!

weasel_mouth _1